Review Article


  • Cumhur Kaan YALTIRIK
  • Ayda Parnian FARD
  • Kumsal Bihter KONTAYTEKIN

Received Date: 16.04.2017 Accepted Date: 22.06.2017 J Turk Spinal Surg 2017;28(4):277-282

The vertebral spine is the most common location for bone metastases. Its incidence has been increasing due to increasing expectation of life and the amount of elderly in our population. Around 70 % of cancer patients shows evidence of spinal metastasis and 10% of these lesions put pressure on the spinal cord. Prognostic indicators were defined for most beneficial surgical approach and indication for surgery. Metastatic tumor classifications were designed and several clinics have commenced to use them for treatment modality choice.

Keywords: Metastatic spinal tumor, spinal tumor classification, spinal metastasis