• J. Dove
  • N. W. Valentine

J Turk Spinal Surg 1990;1(4):166-168

The Hartshill Rectangle is a welded stainless steel rectangle with a 100° roof at each end. It is a development of the original Luque segmenlal spinal instrumentation system. The rectangle is fixed to the spine using two double wires at each level. The result is a secure method of internal fixation, which is simple, inexpensive, requires minimal instrumentation, and is adaptable for use in all types of posterior surgery of the spine.

We have carried out an extensive programme of biomechanical research, which includes work on the wires, rectangles, the methods of securing the implant, and the choice of materials. Our ongoing research programme has led to a number of improvements and modifications.

The system has become widely accepted internationally in the management of the variety of spinal disorders. The authors report the first 300 cases in which the sytem has been used. The indications include deformity, low back pain, fractures, tumours and neck pain. Few complications have been encountered. Our results have been independently assessed.

The Hartshill system for the internal fixation of the spine is versatile, inexpensive, and simple to use.

Keywords: Segmenlal spinal instrumentation, deformity, back pain, sublaminar wires.