Original Article


  • Mehmet AYDOĞAN
  • M. Nuri ERDEM
  • Halil BURÇ
  • Gürsel SAKA
  • İsmail OLTULU
  • Mehmet TEZER

Received Date: 04.07.2013 Accepted Date: 14.09.2013 J Turk Spinal Surg 2013;24(4):279-282

Lumbar discectomy is the most common spinal surgical procedure, and the long-term outcomes are favorable, with high patient satisfaction. This article presents the outcomes of patients treated by lumbar microdiscectomy in our Orthopedic and Traumatology department. Clinical records were obtained for 38 patients who underwent discectomy between 2010 and 2012. Surgery was performed by one surgeon using the standardized technique of standard microdiscectomy.

Our findings reinforce the accepted surgical indications for lumbar microdiscectomy as an effective treatment for radicular leg pain recalcitrant to non-surgical management. Patients who have back and lower back pain with significant radiological signs of lumbar disc herniation can be treated using all treatment modalities of conservative and surgical treatment by spinal surgeons in orthopedic departments.

Keywords: Lumbar disc herniation, microdiscectomy, surgical treatment