• Aymer COŞAR

J Turk Spinal Surg 2008;19(1):47-54

Split cord malformation (Diastometamyelia) is a developmental embriologic fusion defect and characterized by two spinal cord formation. In classification, two type is present: Type 1 and 2. It has an important etiologic factor in consistence of scoliosis. In diagnosis, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography are very important radiologic examinations. In last years, due to frequently usage of magnetic resonance imaging; computed tomography is less preferred. But then depending on highly effective diagnosis accuracy of bone septum and vertebrate anomalies; computed tomography should not be neglected. The most important factor in planning of surgical treatment is to reveal the primary reason for scoliosis In conclusion, collaboration of neuro and orthopedic surgeon is so important in assessment of patient. For not to lead to paraplegia; surgical treatment of scoliosis should be performed after removal of etiologic factor for split cord malformation.

Keywords: Split cord malformation, Diastometamyeli, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomograhy, surgical treatment