• ALICI E.
  • PINAR H.

J Turk Spinal Surg 1991;2(1):1-6

The Alıcı spinal system is an instrumentation used for correction and fixation of various of the spine. Idiopathic scoliosis is the most important indication. Scoliosis in a complex deformity in the frontal, sagittal and axial planes, and this system provides perfect correction in ali three planes. Frthermore, it permits stable fixation and can be used for both anterior andposterior spinal fusions.

The indications for the anterior Alıcı spinal system are: mature thoracolumbar or lumbar cursev of more than 40°, progressive immature thoracolumbar or lumbar curves of more than 35°, painful mature lumbar cursev, and mature lumbar cursev of more than 40° in thoracolumbar double cursev.

The indications for the posterior Alıcı spinal system are: immature thoracic cursev of more than 40°, progressive thoracic or thoracolumbar cursev of more than 35°, and paralytic and congenital cursev.

During the last two years, 92 scoliosis patients unden/vent spinal fusion whı't Alıcı spinal instrumentation. scoliosis was idiopathic in 58, congenital in 20, paralytic in 12, and 2 cases were causedby neurofibromatosis. Twenty-four of the patiens undement 2-stage anterior and posterior fusions. İn the remaining 68 patiens only posterior fusion was performend.

The mean follow up 14 months (range, 6-24 months). Preoperativeiy, the mean cursev of the idiopatic, congenital, and paralytic groups were 54.7°, 57.8°, and 83°, respectively. İn the idiopathic group the mean correction was 93% with anterior instrumentation, and 74.4% with posterior instrumentation. For the congenital and paralytic groups, the mean corrections obtained by surgery were 63.7%> and 70%, respectively. Fusion vvas achieved in ali cases.

Keywords: Scoliosis, Alıcı spinal system.