• Şadan AY
  • Kemal US
  • Umut BEKTAŞ
  • Tarık YAZAR

J Turk Spinal Surg 1993;4(1):27-28

Between June 1989 and May 1991, we applied Morscher Srews (Spondylolysis Hook sere w) for 16 pars in-terarlicularis defects of 9 patients. Ali the patients had low back pain, and 90 % of them were suffering from a disabling pain for an average of three years. To investigate the etiology of pain, C.T.,E.M.G. or mye-lography was done. Also under fluoroscopy, we infiltrated the facet joints with local anaestetic agents to check whether the pain was origanated from facet joints or spondylolysis. To the patients whose pain were established of spondylolytic origin, we implanted Morscher Screw (Spondylolysis Hook Screw) fixation and bone grafting. The mean follow up tvas 26 months (range: 18-36 months). İn ali of the patients, except one, pain was relieved.

İn preoperative period, in ali cases, we applied special lumbosacral stabilization braces as a predietive test. When we obtained pain relief we considered surgical internal stabilization. Careful patients seleetion is the basic factor of a success.

We believe that Morscher Screvvs can be used for patients in ali age groups who were determinated as having no degenerative changes.

Keywords: Spondylolysis, surgical treatment, morscher screw.